Sustainable Sparkle: How Our Jewelry Helps Clean the Oceans

Sustainable Sparkle: How Our Jewelry Helps Clean the Oceans

At Wellington Michael, our passion for the ocean extends beyond crafting beautiful jewelry. Through our partnership with the TerraCycle Global Foundation, we've woven our love for the beach into a mission to combat ocean pollution. While our primary focus remains on creating stunning pieces, our commitment to the environment drives us to take action. Join us as we explore how our partnership is making waves of change.

Empowering Change Through Partnership

Teaming up with the TerraCycle Global Foundation has empowered us to address ocean pollution at its source. This registered non-profit organization is dedicated to innovative waste elimination and sustainability solutions. Their approach not only removes waste from waterways but also recycles it, minimizing landfill impact.

Urgency of Ocean Cleanup

With an alarming estimate of 20 billion pounds of ocean-bound waste yearly, our oceans face a crisis. Non-biodegradable materials, especially plastics, harm marine life and pollute seafood. Addressing this issue is vital for safeguarding ecosystems and global health.

Our Role

Each purchase from Wellington Michael contributes to ocean restoration. For every product sold, we pledge to remove a minimum of 1 pound of trash from waterways. By wearing our jewelry, you symbolize your support for ocean conservation and responsible waste disposal.

Empowering Communities

Our partnership not only reduces pollution but also supports jobs in Bali communities. By educating individuals on waste management, we hope to ignite a broader change in attitudes toward recycling and sustainable living.

The collaboration between Wellington Michael and the TerraCycle Global Foundation amplifies our deep love for the sea. Our jewelry celebrates the beach's allure while actively working to restore its splendor. Join our movement, wear our pieces with pride, and together, we can rekindle the oceans' brilliance for generations to come.

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